Thursday, March 6, 2008

The phone, the phone is ringing!!

We keep the tv on a lot here. Mostly so the dogs don't freak out about the snowflake rolling around on the driveway, or the random strangers that dare to walk on the sidewalk. For safety purposes I keep it on children's programming, I don't think watching autopsy or true crime shows is good for little boys!

I have to admit I do have my favourites, I think Pocoyo is awesome. From his little blue boots to his ear flap hat, I even love his military march of a walk. Love it. Thomas the Tank Engine, now that is the show that MC loves, he goes comatose when he watches it. So those we like....

And then there are the shows that just make you wanna run screaming from the house gouging your eyes out with plastic sand rake. There's this one with it's farting space ship...really I mean it, the thing farts as it flies. And then there's that Yo Gabba Gabba, I mean that's just...well bizarre. That one has some guy who dances badly while wearing an orange Grand Poobah hat while playing with dolls? Don't get it. And then we have The Wonder Pets! The phone, the phone is ringing...blech...moving on before that song gets trapped in my brain and knocks around for the day.

Now MC's favourite show...sigh....4 Squares. I'm not even going to talk about them...just watch them.

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Kate said...

I loved Thomas the Tank engine, heck, it's still fun to watch. :D

I really hate the Wonder Pets. Wish they were called the Wander they'd wander away. :P I'm really happy that I haven't had the oppertunity to experience Yo gabba gabba or the farting space ship. I can see that one going over well though in a Kindergarten class. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm NOT teaching Kindergarten yet. ;)