Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Tale of Two Extra Toes

Sassy DLH Brown Tabby Age 6

Sassy was in a litter of kittens that my birth dad's cat had when we went up to visit. She is a polydactyl, which means she has one extra digit on her front Sassy is short for Sasquatch.

We had a long drive ahead of us to bring her home and only a cardboard box to put her in but she ended up sitting on my lap for the entire 8 hour trip. My birth dad kindly fed her breakfast before we left...bacon. Lovely, she threw up about an hour into the trip and with my fantastic aim I made sure it all went into her cardboard box. This of course meant we needed to stop and aquire another box. By "we" I mean "Scott", apparently this isn't a regular occurence and I do believe he got some rather strange looks from the roadside "cafe" we stopped at. He reads...he may comment on this.

Sassy and my first cat developed a real friendship together. They were often found curled together and when my first cat died Sassy was a little lost. She recovered but she never found another cat to bond with, she likes other cats but none so much as my first cat.

Now she's not very affectionate, she's no lap cat and she hates being picked up. Some nights though she sits on my pillow boring her eyes into my head until I spread my hair out for her to knead. On really special nights she leaves little tendrils of drool in my hair.

Sassy has had her own basket since she was a kitten, it moved with us and it is hers. How she squishes herself into this thing I will never know but she loves that and that is where she usually sleeps.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Cavalcade of Cats Begins With...

Spice DSH Tortoiseshell Age 8

Spice was found trapped in a tree in a small forest by a college friend. A call the animal control wasn't responded to so the family opted to retrieve her themselves and wanted me to "have a look" at her. I remember coming in and seeing a small ball of multi coloured fur trembling in a cardboard box under a table. She was cowering in fear from the Jack Russel Terrier that lived there and perhaps from the never ending grabbing of a young girl. I took one look at her and decided she would be mine and I wouldn't let another kid grab at her or another dog scare her.

And so she came to live with me and my first cat. This did not go well. I was a complete novice at introducing cats and it's obvious from their reactions I didn't know what I was doing. Without grossing you out there were several incidents that involved poo. Nice huh.

It took time but eventually they did become easier to live with and all was harmonious for awhile....more on that tomorrow.

Spice is affectionate, almost annoyingly so. At night when I'm trying to sleep she uses her claws to pick at the blankets so I'll pet her. It works, which is why she continues...silly me. She is the matriarch of the cats and you'll usually find her holding court in our room. She's kind of bossy and she can be a real bitch when she wants to. But she's sweet, and I think that's the best word there is for her.

Monday, January 28, 2008

And Today's Offering

Zoe (Australian Shepherd) Age 2yrs

You may call her Princess...and please accept some slobbery kisses. She will answer to both but she's definitely a Princess.

Zoe was also a rescue, I know her past and I won't rehash it here, but I don't think she had a tonne of fun. Also because she is here now and there's no need to dwell on it. In spite of her unhappy puppyhood she is amazingly affectionate and sweet. She cannot resist the temptation of kissing everyone that comes in the house and will patiently wait until they let their guard down before swooping in to plant a big wet kiss on them.
Zoe doesn't do anything wrong, EVER. Almost never....

Next Up

Merlin (Border Collie/Husky Mix) 6 yrs

Merlin is a rescued dog. So named for his uncanny ability to escape the dog runs at the shelter. No one was quite sure how he ended up out of his run until on of the animal control officers spied on him one night and was horrified as she watched him crawl up the chain link door and onto the roof of the adjoining cage. He was fine, apparently he can climb down as well as he can climb up.

Merlin is empathic...I swear. He's my Counsellor Troi. He seems to know when you need some extra attention and when you need to be left alone. He's sickeningly sweet and one look in those big brown eyes will positively melt you.

He's also unbelievably frustrating! The dog has a serious obsession with paper products. He couldn't just shred them or leave dainty little puncture marks...oh no he chews and then swallows the darn stuff. Gross. I think he's eaten about$200 worth of gift certificates.

And I know exactly where my missing socks go...straight into Merlin's belly. Unless I catch him and then I'm left with holey socks.

I think he's eating a package of chicken noodle soup that was kindly given to him by the boy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Up...

Flash (Australian Shepherd, Blue Merle) Age 5

The picture makes him look so regal, refined and mature. It was a rare capture...he isn't any of those things.

He is however the goofiest, funniest and most entertaining dogs I know. He likes to accost guest by trying to jump up desperately trying to lick their faces. What ever you do, don't sit...he has been known to settle down and then go in for the sneak attack running at full speed then leaping onto the couch into the laps of poor unsuspecting guests.

He is a turd. He steals food from the counter or pens or paper or whatever else I've left too close to the edge.

He thinks he's a lap dog...60lbs does not a lap dog make. But we let him anyway. When he curls up on your lap he is at peace and lets you know by grunting and sighing.

He's smart...too smart...he has the tendency to make me feel rather dim at times.

Life is never dull with the Flash Man.

A brief introduction to the insanity I call Life

What a better way to start a blog than to introduce the characters within. As a stay at home mom my life does tend to revolve around a the tiny realm of my house, but in this house there is usually someone, doing it human or beast I can usually find some kind of humour in my'll see what I mean.


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Saturday, January 26, 2008