Monday, January 28, 2008

Next Up

Merlin (Border Collie/Husky Mix) 6 yrs

Merlin is a rescued dog. So named for his uncanny ability to escape the dog runs at the shelter. No one was quite sure how he ended up out of his run until on of the animal control officers spied on him one night and was horrified as she watched him crawl up the chain link door and onto the roof of the adjoining cage. He was fine, apparently he can climb down as well as he can climb up.

Merlin is empathic...I swear. He's my Counsellor Troi. He seems to know when you need some extra attention and when you need to be left alone. He's sickeningly sweet and one look in those big brown eyes will positively melt you.

He's also unbelievably frustrating! The dog has a serious obsession with paper products. He couldn't just shred them or leave dainty little puncture marks...oh no he chews and then swallows the darn stuff. Gross. I think he's eaten about$200 worth of gift certificates.

And I know exactly where my missing socks go...straight into Merlin's belly. Unless I catch him and then I'm left with holey socks.

I think he's eating a package of chicken noodle soup that was kindly given to him by the boy.

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Kate said...

I think Merlin knows that he's my fave. I know you're not supposed to have faves...but I admit it! Probably because he reminds me of a certain furry shelter friend that I have.

*L* Now that you mention it, Merlin is like Troi, his eyes are just a little bigger and well, I don't think Troi gnaws on socks. *L* That'd be interesting though.

Merlin may eat anything and everything paper, but at least he stays away from endangered plastic animals in your house: the faceless, legless panda comes to mind. ;)

At least he's not a picky eater ;)