Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Up...

Flash (Australian Shepherd, Blue Merle) Age 5

The picture makes him look so regal, refined and mature. It was a rare capture...he isn't any of those things.

He is however the goofiest, funniest and most entertaining dogs I know. He likes to accost guest by trying to jump up desperately trying to lick their faces. What ever you do, don't sit...he has been known to settle down and then go in for the sneak attack running at full speed then leaping onto the couch into the laps of poor unsuspecting guests.

He is a turd. He steals food from the counter or pens or paper or whatever else I've left too close to the edge.

He thinks he's a lap dog...60lbs does not a lap dog make. But we let him anyway. When he curls up on your lap he is at peace and lets you know by grunting and sighing.

He's smart...too smart...he has the tendency to make me feel rather dim at times.

Life is never dull with the Flash Man.

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Kate said...

I love the Flash! He is regal, refined and mature. He has to be when Zoe and Merlin are sooooo immature! ;)

Too bad he still holds a bit of a grudge against me for being there when that evil microwave kiosk was brought up from the basement and left in the living room while I was visiting! The nerve! ;) At least he'll now come and hang out w/ me on the couch, too bad Merlin thinks that's his spot. ;)

I think he just tolerates me for the back scratches that I give him...and treats ;)