Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Tale of Two Extra Toes

Sassy DLH Brown Tabby Age 6

Sassy was in a litter of kittens that my birth dad's cat had when we went up to visit. She is a polydactyl, which means she has one extra digit on her front Sassy is short for Sasquatch.

We had a long drive ahead of us to bring her home and only a cardboard box to put her in but she ended up sitting on my lap for the entire 8 hour trip. My birth dad kindly fed her breakfast before we left...bacon. Lovely, she threw up about an hour into the trip and with my fantastic aim I made sure it all went into her cardboard box. This of course meant we needed to stop and aquire another box. By "we" I mean "Scott", apparently this isn't a regular occurence and I do believe he got some rather strange looks from the roadside "cafe" we stopped at. He reads...he may comment on this.

Sassy and my first cat developed a real friendship together. They were often found curled together and when my first cat died Sassy was a little lost. She recovered but she never found another cat to bond with, she likes other cats but none so much as my first cat.

Now she's not very affectionate, she's no lap cat and she hates being picked up. Some nights though she sits on my pillow boring her eyes into my head until I spread my hair out for her to knead. On really special nights she leaves little tendrils of drool in my hair.

Sassy has had her own basket since she was a kitten, it moved with us and it is hers. How she squishes herself into this thing I will never know but she loves that and that is where she usually sleeps.


Scott said...

If you should ever have to stop in the middle of Northern Ontario at a roadside cafe/bar/coffeehouse/restaurant and require say a cardboard box I might suggest a couple of things. 1) Ensure you baseball cap is secured to your head (camouflage). 2) When you request the cardboard box act like you do this all the time. 3) Don’t keep looking back at your Car/Truck/Van nervously.
Joking aside I must admit that the kindness of people in that part of the world cannot be questioned. My sincerest thanks the individual that gave us the Cardboard box. You have no idea how thankful we were.

Kate said...

Now I'm curious...where in Northern ON did you stop? Glad that you were able to find a box though...yikes.

I love watching Sassy avoid ze boy, tiptoe around the his toys, leap up and then squeeze into her basket. It's also fun watching her walk along the banister when it's suppertime, you can really scope out her feet then.

She reminds me of a distinguished and refined lady...with extra toes. ;)