Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Cavalcade of Cats Begins With...

Spice DSH Tortoiseshell Age 8

Spice was found trapped in a tree in a small forest by a college friend. A call the animal control wasn't responded to so the family opted to retrieve her themselves and wanted me to "have a look" at her. I remember coming in and seeing a small ball of multi coloured fur trembling in a cardboard box under a table. She was cowering in fear from the Jack Russel Terrier that lived there and perhaps from the never ending grabbing of a young girl. I took one look at her and decided she would be mine and I wouldn't let another kid grab at her or another dog scare her.

And so she came to live with me and my first cat. This did not go well. I was a complete novice at introducing cats and it's obvious from their reactions I didn't know what I was doing. Without grossing you out there were several incidents that involved poo. Nice huh.

It took time but eventually they did become easier to live with and all was harmonious for awhile....more on that tomorrow.

Spice is affectionate, almost annoyingly so. At night when I'm trying to sleep she uses her claws to pick at the blankets so I'll pet her. It works, which is why she continues...silly me. She is the matriarch of the cats and you'll usually find her holding court in our room. She's kind of bossy and she can be a real bitch when she wants to. But she's sweet, and I think that's the best word there is for her.

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Kate said...

Poor Spice had a rough start in life, at least she's live'n it up now. It's funny watching her manoeuvre around a certain boy when we're playing. ;)

I love the name Spice for her, course, I think you managed to get the correct names for everyone under that roof.

You forgot to mention about Spice and SuperSquish ;) or is that being saved for Squish's blurb?