Monday, January 28, 2008

And Today's Offering

Zoe (Australian Shepherd) Age 2yrs

You may call her Princess...and please accept some slobbery kisses. She will answer to both but she's definitely a Princess.

Zoe was also a rescue, I know her past and I won't rehash it here, but I don't think she had a tonne of fun. Also because she is here now and there's no need to dwell on it. In spite of her unhappy puppyhood she is amazingly affectionate and sweet. She cannot resist the temptation of kissing everyone that comes in the house and will patiently wait until they let their guard down before swooping in to plant a big wet kiss on them.
Zoe doesn't do anything wrong, EVER. Almost never....


Kate said...

Some slobbery kisses? More like the never-ending kiss factory. ;) She needs a crown though. ;)

You forgot to mention that Zoe has the most incredible eyes. They're darn near human. I love her nose too, but she is a total princess. ;)

*L* Many a time I've been ambushed by her, I think she especially likes it when I'm attempting to tie up my shoes. Best oppertunity to strike then. ;)

Kate said...

*gasp* I spelt opportunity wrong! I suppose LJ has spoiled me w/ spell check. And apparently I'm not important enough to have a capital letter on my name. :P