Friday, February 1, 2008

Fear...Thy Name is Ashley

Ashley DSH Torbie 7 yrs

Ashley was adopted as an adult. I should've realized there would be a problem when the volunteer had"trouble" assisting Ashley into the carrier. She suddenly went from a very docile, calm cat into a tornado of fur, legs and claws! Should've taken the clue...

Ashley's first few days with us were spent in our bedroom where she hid under the bed for DAYS! We went in there to read and try and help her get used to us. Eventually she began to trust us and we tried introducing to the other cats. This did not go well, and this is how it stayed until we moved to our first house. Ashley was constantly hiding, Sassy and Spice were constantly harrassing her and we ended up keeping them as seperated as possible.

Then we moved and we had to put them all in one room. What happened in there I'm not sure but I'm guessing they had some kind of treaty drawn up and peace was made at last. Literally overnight we had three cats who no longer fought and spit at each other.

Ashley is now sweet and affectionate. She is still a big fraidy cat and most visitors to the house don't see her. I can't cut her nails as she likes to pull her tornado act and then treats me with complete and utter distaste that I would HURT her so badly. Vet visits with her are fun, she likes to pee on me....the table...the vet if he's really lucky. Oh yes, those are fun days.

So we stayed with three cats, fairly normal people, until 2002 when we got Flash our first dog.

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Kate said...

Poor Ashley! It's really incredible the turn-around she had once you moved to your current location. I love the picture you painted of a cat peace treaty. ^_^

Ashley is one of my fave cats although she's not really out and about as much as the others, you showed me where to find her. :) She even came out once for a greenie. She's so soft too.

Being normal's boring ;) And less messy I suppose...