Saturday, February 16, 2008

Babies, Babies

We had a fabulous time today on our playdate with friends. They are the only people we know with a baby, and they're only 5 months apart. Baby C is such a cutie, he is much more outgoing than MC and is always ready to smile at anyone.

He kept poking MC in the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and his hair. MC didn't really like that, but he didn't just get up and walk away, he just. sat. there. Baby C is crawling and MC could've sped out of there but I think he was just so shocked that there is another baby in the world he froze up.

After about an hour he warmed up and the two boys were playing together quite nicely and he even sat in Baby C's mom's lap.

Cuteness abound today!

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Kate said...

Poor MC, he had to learn eventually that there are other babies out there. Would have been fun to watch that though! Did you manage to snag a few pics of the cuteness?

Sadly the only "baby" I have right now is a silly old dog, but at least he likes MC. ;)