Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dead End

Maca DSH Torbie Age 8

Maca was supposed to be a temporary resident here. There was no room at the shelter and it was either foster her or she would be euthanized. She wasn't a highly adoptable cat, she was in a bad mood constantly, she bit, and she didn't like other cats.

So she came to have a vacation with us. We kept her separate since she didn't like other cats and very quickly she let us know that having her own room was not for her. After her release from solitary confinement she set about letting the other cats know that there was a new sheriff in town and her name was Maca.

So this biting sourpuss managed to surprise us all and became a lovely sweet gentle cat. The cat who wanted nothing to do with any people suddenly decided we were okay and she now settles nicely in our laps. She also puts up with the boy learning how to be gentle, she has been patient to a point.

Now even though we were told her age when we got her, I think they're wrong. This young cat acts like an octogenarian. She spends most of her day sleeping in her cube and instead of prowling at night with the other cats she sleeps on Scott's pillow...as close to his head as she can.

Maca has a disease called Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic Stomatitis. Say that five times fast. There isn't much known about it but it's some kind of auto immune disease, in simple terms she's allergic to her own plaque. Because of this she requires yearly dentistry and is on daily medication. Fun times every morning.

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