Monday, February 4, 2008

The Last Man Standing

Squish DSH White and Orange Tabby Age 3yrs

Squish arrived in the house when he was just a few weeks old. I fostered his mom and his 5 siblings until they were weaned and old enough for adoption. He was the runt. The tiniest and weakest of the bunch. When he was a kitten his face always looked scrunched up and his eyes were always goopy.

One look at him in a huge cat cage at the humane society all by his lonesome was all I needed. He was the last remaining kitten and it seemed no one wanted him....except me. After much pouting and begging to Scott and POOF; home Squish came.

Somehow he came to the decision that he still needed a mom, so he chose one. Now Spice and Squish are inseparable and where Spice is sleeping you will almost always find Squish close by, usually being cleaned. Not that she has a choice about cleaning him, he demands it. He plops down in front of her and butts heads with her until she gives in and cleans him.

So this supposed runt of the litter is now a big strong cat. And he has his own song....

Think Spiderman...just replace with Squish Man. You know....da na na na na na na na....SQUISH MAN. And yes, he does answer to that song.

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