Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love Is Blind

Lola DSH Torbie Age 2

Lola came to us as yet another foster. She was somewhere between 4-6 weeks old and was in pretty sad shape. She was skinny, and there was something wrong with her eyes. At first there was some speculation that someone had done something to her but further examination proved that she was born with some eye issues.

She is blind. She has no tear ducts and her third eyelid doesn't function. She's tiny, most people think she's still a kitten, but this is her full size.

Now the description of her sounds pretty pathetic and I know most people feel pity for her but trust me she can function just as well as the rest of the cats. Visitors to the house always ask me if I'm SURE that she's blind...yes I'm me she's blind. Lola moves around the house as easily and quickly as everyone else, I just need to make sure I try to keep the furniture in the same place. Occasionally she will walk into things while rushing around to find another cat to harass.

If there's some kind of feline disturbance you can usually bet Lola's the instigator. I'm not sure if it's because she's blind but if you're sitting she needs to get in your face and have a good sniff. Why the face and not the hands, who knows.

So that's the four legged population of our we'll hit the two legged variety and we're severely outnumbered.

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