Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Long Legged One

Scott Human Age 39

Scott works with computers...I think....I'm never actually sure what he does. He tries to explain to me but I get that blank look of "Oh my god, I'm supposed to understand this?". I know he works in a big building and has a nice desk in cubicle farm with no access to windows.

He likes to play soccer in the summer and hibernate in the winter. He is the one who got me hooked on WoW...before I played I was just another Warcrack Widow.

If he wants to tell you more he can get get his own damn blog. :P


Scott said...

Blog? No I don't have a blog. The internet is a fad. I'm sure I heard someone say that. I'm not going to explain what my work is. Let's just say Top Secret Military Government Security stuff. OK, maybe not top secret...or Military...or Government...but it is Security related. Really it is.
Oh yeah and I do play WoW. Like everyother Security Geek as far as I can tell.....:)

Kate said...

Scott works with computers? I didn't know that! ;) That would explain the office/playroom...hmmm

What is this WoW thing everyone speaks of? ;) It sounds like an internet thing and therefore an addictive thing so it scares me. ;)