Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Medium Legged One

Patti Human Age 33

I'm the scooper, stooper, and wiper of poo, as a matter of fact most of my mornings are spent surrounded by poo of various types. I'm maid, launderer, chef, dog groomer, cat groomer, home organizer, and dishwasher. Not exactly how I planned on things but what can you do?

Sometimes I write when my brain isn't too tired. When my brain is too tired I surf the internet for inane things to read which happens more often than actual writing. I also like shopping...a lot. I find these days my shopping mostly consists of buying things for the boy since his stuff is much more fun to look at and I don't have to try any clothes on thus avoiding the whole self esteem crash that comes from staring at yourself in a tiny change room awash with fluorescent lighting.

There you in a nutshell.


Scott said...

Far too simple a description. You do yourself an injustice.

Kate said...

I agree w/ Scott! You sound...normal... in this post. You're much more than what you've listed!

That list of what you do would look impressive on a resume...I'm trying to think of what job would fit in with "Putting up w/ my annoying single friend's rants" ;)

As for shopping, we need to do more of that. I'm very good at finding stuff for other ppl, but seem to fail when it comes to stuff for myself. Retail therapy is fun! Especially if it's w/ someone else's money. ;D