Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Poop Hits the Fan

Pooperella DSH Grey Age 4

Odd name, I know. She didn't start out with that name, she was named Cinder. I fostered her and her 5 brothers and sisters until they could find a spot for 3 of them. The entire litter was feral. Have you met a feral kitten? They are disgusting tiny balls of cuteness, love them. They have the most adorable little spit and hiss. All you have to do is glance at them and they stamp on their tippy toes and try and hiss at you. Yeah, ferocious!

It never takes long for feral kittens to come is what it's all about. Poop's litter was really young only 6-8 weeks, which made it a lot easier. So they lived her for about 4 months and then we made the trek to the shelter to have them put up for adoption. The first two were adopted fairly quickly, even though they were black, but Poop stayed behind (don't forget she had a normal name). Then there was an a threat of KITNAPPING! Well not MY kitten, no way, no how. Quick call to husband...there may have been some pouting involved but home our little grey kitten came, our little Cinderella...the feline princess.

Shortly after arriving home she began to have...ahem...issues. Diarrhea issues, lovely, this took about 3 months to solve. we started calling her Poopy Cat and that evolved to Pooperella...around the house we just call her Poop.

She has earned that name in other ways as she is our resident poop disturber. If there's a fight or chase going on you can bet Poop is there right in the thick of it.

She loves visitors and will wait an appropriate amount of time before showing herself. After patient people watching and carefully weighing her options she chooses a lap. She usually stays there until dislodged. And she talks...loudly...especially when hungry.

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Scott said...

Just to add some clarification to the poop issue. This mean 3 months of cat poop in places it just shouldn't be. The floor, the walls (that's right, the walls), the bed, the scratching posts etc. At times it seemed like Cinder was running around the house spraying poop as she went!!