Monday, February 11, 2008

Bacon Anyone?

Well, the boy is still sleeping. Good for him. I would still be sleeping too if he didn't insist on oohing and aahing in his sleep.

Our new appliances are in and the dishwasher is great...I would've hugged that one too but I think Scott was begining to doubt my sanity.

One of the first news stories I read this morning was about dolphins being eaten somewhere in Japan. Not for me, but thanks anyway. What I don't understand is why Flipper's trainer feels the need to go aaaaaall the way over there to film the alleged "barbaric" acts. Doesn't he know that he can find mistreatment of animals for consumption in his own backyard? I don't see any CNN camera's trying to catch glimpses of chickens or cows in any of the slaughter houses of America or Canada.

But I suppose cows, chickens, pigs and lamb aren't nearly as cute as Flipper.


Scott said...

Me thinks you forgot to mention the fact that we had to move the old fridge and dishwasher into the basement. And how much of a pain in the neck (literally) installing the new dishwasher was. Don't get me started on Braided vs Copper and 90 Degree elbows. Of course now I would say, 'Installing a dishwasher, ha, easy.'

Kate said...

Good grief, sounds like you had a fun day (cue the sarcasm)