Friday, February 22, 2008

Channeling Homer

Remember that episode where Homer Simpson stops drinking booze for a month? There's a scene with him shakily Xing off a day in red marker...that's how I feel today.

Scott's alarm didn't go off, thank goodness. Instead a myriad of other sounds conspired to wake me up. The shower, cat scratching in the litter box, cat having a drink, MC moving in bed...I will assume this sensitivity will go away until then I'll just question the point in quitting until I get enough coffee into my system that I can pass myself off as "awake".

Oh and it's snowing, I wasn't expecting that this morning. And lucky us we're going to get another snow storm next week...if you believe in weather forecasts...I don't, I'm sure we'll get a beautiful sunny day, because that's what my Magic 8 Ball says.

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Kate said...

I don't even think I could begin to understand what you're going through, but I'm really thrilled that you've made it this far. :D I'd do a happy dance, but I'd probably knock Screamer off my desk and scare Frisco. ^_^ But seriously, way to go! :D

Apparently we missed a doozy of a storm that pounded the States, but I think that other one's still going to hit on Thursday night or Friday morning. I know, I'm insane for loving winter more than summer.