Thursday, February 21, 2008


This morning starting annoyingly. Scott's alarm went off while he was in the bathroom so I stumbled over and smacked the snooze button. He opened the door and I asked him to turn his alarm off to which he responded by closing the door because obviously his alarm WAS off. Ten minutes later while Scott was actually IN the shower it went off again so again I stumbled over and hit the snooze button and tried to press some random buttons to make the stupid thing stop. Nothing worked, so I unplugged.

And then just after I had finally fallen back to sleep, the stupid unplugged clock started going AGAIN. Once more I stumbled over now kind of pissed and pulled the battery out.

For the record...Scott gets up at 5am...I do NOT.

Nice start to the second day of quitting. It's amazing what frustration one little white tube of noxiuous fumes can relieve.

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Kate said...

GAH! I think that woulda tried most ppl's patience! I know I probably would have tossed that alarm down the stairs after attempting to rip its guts out.