Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shopped and Dropped

I went shopping last night with my friend Kate for a new winter coat. I was hoping I could snag one on sale but we didn't have any luck. I didn't see any clothes I wanted to buy either, which is strange...but it was all spring stuff anyway and with all the snow we've got kicking around here I'm really not in the mood for light coats and shirts.

MC however made out like a bandit. I bought him a pair of the new Robeez Tredz which were a tad more expensive than I was hoping. They are so dang cute though! He also got two new outfits, some bubble wands and a huge Lightning McQueen pillow. He's been holding onto his bubble bath Lightning container and we're hoping he'll like this one enough to trade at bedtime.

Since I didn't get to buy any clothes I opted to buy two new books...part 2 and 3 of The Golden Compass.

No naturel disasters so far far. The day is young yet.

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Kate said...

I think that it's that annoying time of the year where all that's left is the dregs from winter, yet there's still too much left to bring in spring stuff. Probably doesn't help that it's been pretty cold and snowy too.

MC did manage to get a lot of new stuff too! Too bad I didn't find any Transformers ;) but I did find a book :P